How to use internet free using Twitter in Ncell?

There are times when you have zero balance and have to surf internet so the question is how to do so?
There is a simple trick that can be used to open a page at a time. Let's see what you really need to do.
1. Make sure you have zero balance. Dail "*901# or *101#" for balance query. 
2. Turn on your Mobile data. See also "Activating Mobile Internet"
3. All you need to have a browser like Opera Mini or App Twitter installed on your device so that we can access twitter.
4. If you already have a twitter account then it's great, if not then go ahead and create one. 
5. Now you should know you can access only pages that are in tweet feeds and only one page at a time that is redirected from twitter.
6. Make sure you have the page that is twitted or just Tweet it yourself.
7. After you find your link on tweet feeds, just go ahead and click on the link and you'll land on the page that tweeted link directs to.
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