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we all know that NTC(Nepal Telecom Company) has alredy started to give GPRS to its prepaid users also.Many of us now has that feature in our prepaid sim.We are happy using the internet service in our cellphone.We are now having the problem for using the gprs,that is our balance is getting rapidly decreased now we are searching for the free GPRS tricks and tips but all gone in vain because we dont get any tricks to use NTC GPRS for free in internet. I also spend my many hours searching for the tricks.

After all useless effort of getting tricks i started use it normally and my balance used to get soon very low.
one day while using GPRS i thinked of this trick; a very simple tricks to use it for free. let's see the trick:

1)You should have a NTC prepaid sim with GPRS ACTIVATED otherwise goto the NTC office and activate the GPRS in ur sim.

2)You should have a bit more balance i.e more than rs 15 in ur account. zero balance doesnot work.

3)we have loadshedding problem in NEPAL so we gonna use it in our advantage.I mean if in ur town or place there is frequent and long shedule of loadshedding then its the best for u to use GPRS for free.

If the signal tower of NTC goes after loadshedding in ur place then u got the right chance .As i know outside the Kathmandu valley and other major cities, the signal goes after a duration of load shedding but dont woory the valley user also can use this trick but it is very difficult but possible. For the valley users and those places where tower signal raely goes:if u have detected that if some corner or place of ur house the signal goes weak and signal gets down then this place is ur free makers.

4)If u have got the web based application in ur mobile then throw it away boz it is not going to give u free GPRS.Download the application which is not web based, just like if u want to use yahoomessenger in ur mobile then u should not use YAHOO MOBILE !.It is web based dude so i prefer u to use NEFANASA.Download it from

5)Now u are ready to surf freely..

Note down or remember ur account balance before starting the GPRS.

Start the application and u will be connected to the GPRS.After connecting and signing into ur account now minimize the application.If it gets minimized then start any other application or web browser.Use it now in ur normal way,u either chat or look information in web or anything else.Now if u think u have done all the things needed in internet then u just close the web browser or any other application except than NEFANSA(i m using it just for infomation,u can use any application except web based application).If u dont want to be online any more in yahoo or any other messenger then just become invisible n keep the application running.

6)Now wait for the loadshedding to begin,slowly aftersome hours of loadshedding the signal starts to get weak ,uptill that time u keep ur application running (that is ur GPRS will be on and running).After some time the NTC signal goes.

Where the signal doesn't go ,u go to that place in which the signal is weak or null.U don't have to wait for loadshedding.After ur work on GPRS is finished u come to that place(i.e where the signal is very low or get losts away.)7)If the signal goes then u will see that the gprs is gone and ur application has given an error message that connection is lost or else like that........

Generally NEFANASA gives sound after it gets dissconnected to network or GPRS.

But for those user where the signal rarely goes,u should go to that place i specified and wait untill ur signal gets down and ur network goes,same thing happens as No. 7 points.After signal goes don't hurry to rush outside signal comming place.Just wait for minimum 5 min even after ur mobile phone gets disconnected to network ,now u can go to the signal comming place.

8)Now after the signal comes and ur mobile phone detects it,u just check ur account(i think u all know how to do that!!!!).Now check whether ur account balance is deduced or not.

I think ur balance would be the same as it was before using GPRS.

GREAT!!!!!!!!!! U used the NTC GPRS for free!!!!!!!!!

Note:This tricks only work after some practices in those area where the signal goes rarely!!dont get annoyed and try it for some time then u can see the better result. plz dont use this trick for downloading videos and other which consume high bytes but u can use it for downloading small sized application. I have tested it on my phone in my area and also i tested in kathmandu with the trick and i got the same result!!!!!!.I dont use NCELL so i am not aware about this trick in NCELL.plz u can try it and give me a reply.

If u have any diffculty in using this trick or any comment,u are heartly welcomed.
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